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Michigan Engineering Zone (MEZ)


The MEZ is located at:
3663 Woodward Ave
Detroit, MI 48201

Pick up and drop off will be done near the parking structure behind the MEZ. The parking structure is located between Parsons Street, Cass Avenue, Davenport St, and Woodward Avenue behind the MEZ.

Camp Hours

Drop off time

Students should be dropped off no later than 8:15 AM at the MEZ so we may start each day on time. Tuesday-Friday parents will NOT need to get out of the car. ECE staff members will be standing outside to check the student in as they walk to the lab.

Pick up will be done at the MEZ at 5:00 PM right outside the parking structure. You may park along Brainard Street. Parents/guardians do NOT need to get out of their cars. ECE staff will come up to your car window, ask for your student’s last name as well as your name, then have you sign your student out. Only authorized adults listed in your student’s information packet can sign out students.

Students Driving Themselves to Camp

If students are driving themselves to/from the MEZ, they may park their car in the parking structure described above, between the MEZ and Cass Ave, and then return to meet ECE staff outside the structure. Students should meet with ECE staff outside of the parking structure to discuss further instructions before driving into it. We will provide parking passes for students who  are driving for each day of the camp.

About the MEZ

  • The MEZ is a University of Michigan (U-M)\ program of the College of Engineering operated out of the  Office of Student Affairs.  
  • Across its 11 year history the Michigan Engineering Zone has provided Detroit-area students the opportunity to engage with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, through participation in the annual FIRST Robotics competitions.  The activity serves as a platform for the expansion of their foundational skills in team building, decision making, critical thinking and problem solving, all key factors to success in STEM fields. 
  • In addition, for the past two years the Thinkabit Laboratory, has served as an outreach program to middle school students, where it provides an initial exposure to the world of work, problem  solving, and the use of basic robotics as a lens into 21st century solutions to the problems of tomorrow.

Visit the official MEZ website here.