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Why choose Electrical or Computer Engineering?

As an Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) student, you can learn to design the path that the rest of the world will follow for years to come. The ECE program at the University of Michigan is consistently ranked in the top 10 among other programs in the country. You can be part of this amazing community.

What is ECE?

Electrical and Computer Engineering is an incredibly flexible field. Following are a few of the broad fields that require electrical engineers and computer engineers. You will have the chance to shape the future by influencing these industries:



  • Wind and solar energy devices
  • Power-efficient lighting
  • Large-scale power systems



  • Powerful next-gen hardware
  • Algorithms for robotics
  • Communication networks



  • Wearable smart devices
  • Ultra-high definition screens
  • Smarter smart phones



  • Water and air sensors
  • Fuel-efficient vehicles
  • Intricate remote sensing networks



  • Health informatics
  • Methods for cancer treatment
  • Safer and faster MRI’s



  • Secure computing
  • Hidden weapons detection
  • Dangerous chemicals detection

Be a Tech Leader

Students at U-M ECE have gone on to work at some of the most sought-after positions in the nation. Companies that employ our alumni, and that are run by our alumni, include:

  • Analog Devices, Inc.
  • Apple Inc.
  • Boeing Company
  • Capital One
  • Chrysler
  • Cisco Systems
  • Consumers Energy
  • Cybernet Systems Corp.
  • Ford Motor Company
  • Garmin
  • General Dynamics
  • General Electric
  • General Motors
  • Google Inc.
  • Harman International
  • Harris Corp.
  • IBM
  • Intel Corp.
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Microsoft Corp.
  • Motorola
  • NASA
  • Nvidia
  • Qualcomm
  • RF Micro Devices
  • Samsung Electronics
  • Texas Instruments
  • Toshiba