Do I need to have taken certain science or math classes to fully participate in the camp?
No, all are welcome. But – you will be working with science and math during the day, so bring your enthusiasm for these subjects and you’ll do well.

What is the age range?
Electrify Tech Camp is open to any student that has completed at least one year of high school by June 2018.  Students entering 9th grade in Fall 2018 are not eligible.

Is Electrify a residential summer camp?
No, Electrify is a commuter camp. For information on drop off and pick up locations and times, visit our logistics page.

Who will be teaching the program?
Sessions will be taught by University of Michigan ECE faculty and they will be assisted by current graduate and undergraduate students. All instructors and aids will go through a background check prior to the start of camp.

How much does attending Electrify cost?
Each camp program costs $500 per participant. For more information on scholarships and payment information, visit our cost page.

What is the cancellation policy?
There is a limited student capacity for each of the three Electrify Tech Camps and we would like to ensure all students plan to attend. If you decide you don’t want to attend Electrify, let us know as soon as possible to withdraw your application. Refunds will only be available if we are able to fill your student’s space with another student, and you will be refunded $450. No full refunds will be given.