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Nano Size It

Ann Arbor

Nano Size It Program Overview

DATES: June 17-21, 2024

EXPLORE the world of ‟small” and get hands-on experience with semiconductor chip design and manufacturing.

STUDY how renewable energy can be harvested from sunlight using the same advanced semiconductor technologies that have enabled computers, smartphones, self-driving cars, and artificial intelligence. 

DESIGN and MAKE a solar cell from the ground up and a solar car that runs by converting solar energy to mechanical power.

This program will require the completion of multiple online safety/instructional courses before the program date.

Meet the Instructor

P.C. Ku

Professor Pei-Cheng Ku

Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Michigan 

• Leads the Nanophotonics and Nanofabrication Group (NANO2).

• Research area is semiconductor optoelectronic devices and their applications.

• Current research projects focus on optical sensing for robotics, Internet of Things, and quantum technologies.

• A regular instructor for Engineering 100 (sections 270 and 400).