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Nano Size It

Ann Arbor

Program Overview

DATES: June 26-30, 2023

EXPLORE the world of ‟small” and get hands-on experience with technologies developed in the past 60 years that continue to transform our way of life. 

STUDY quantum phenomena that only exist in the small world and how these effects enable us to harvest energy from the sunlight. 

DESIGN a solar cell from the ground up and a solar car that runs by converting solar energy to mechanical power.

This program will require completion of multiple online safety/instructional courses prior to the program date.

Meet the Instructor

P.C. Ku

Professor Pei-Cheng Ku

Associate Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Michigan 

• Leads the Nanophotonics and Nanofabrication Group (NANO2).

• Researches methods to improve optical devices’ energy efficiency.

• Studies how to increase the efficiency of LEDs and solar cells, how to efficiently and securely transmit data, and how to reduce the power requirements for optical devices.

• Has taught several courses on semiconductor devices, covering semiconductors for electronics, lasers, and solar cells, as well as nanofabrication.

Professor Ku’s website