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While we will not be offering Electrify Tech Camp this summer 2022, we will be offering The Joy of Coding, which is a virtual program intended for high school students. If you are interested in learning about Electrify Tech Camp for summer 2023, please complete our INTEREST FORM.

Discover ECE


Program Overview

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Discover ECE will be held at the Michigan Engineering Zone (MEZ).

EXPLORE various areas in ECE and how the field makes meaningful impacts in industries, professions, and on society. 

ENGAGE in hands-on activities using wireless sensors, circuits, and solar cells. 

BUILD a project with a team of students that represents either a specific area or culmination of areas from what you learned at the program. 

Meet the Instructor

Jamie Phillips

Professor Jamie Phillips 

Arthur F. Thurnau Professor; Director of the Lurie Nanofabrication Facility
Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Michigan 

• Specializes in new materials for electronic components, solar cells, infrared detectors, laser diodes, and thin film transistors. 

• Developed a photovoltaics and solar power course where students designed, built, and tested their own solar powered systems. 

• Named Arthur F. Thurnau Professor by U-M for his outstanding contributions to undergraduate education. 

Professor Phillips’ website

Other Michigan ECE faculty will be leading days of the program as well.