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Power Up

Ann Arbor

Power Up Program Overview

DATES: August 5-9, 2024

DISCOVER how systems are powered, the challenges of different sources of energy, the basics of electrical engineering, and how electric vehicles work. 

EXPERIENCE working directly with simple circuits, transformers, solar cells, and electric drives. 

ENCOUNTER new areas such as wireless power transfer, and electric motors and generators. 

Meet the Instructor

Professor Heath Hofmann

Associate Chair of ECE Graduate Affairs
Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Michigan

• Specializes in power electronics and systems, specifically: energy management systems, electric and hybrid vehicles, and the design and control of electric machines.

• Developed both a senior-level lab course and graduate-level coursein electric machinery and electromechanics.

• Serves as Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion and IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics.

• Provides consulting services to a variety of businesses (including Tesla Motors).

Professor Hofmann’s website